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"Aqua One Platform 37 (1c) Carbon Cartridge Media pre order

Aqua One Platform 37 Filter Carbon and Wool Cartridge 1c

  • 2 Filter per pack
  • Replace every 8 Weeks
  • Removes Harmful Odours
  • Genuine Aqua One Parts
  • For items to be collected please call us on 01530 263746

Helpful Tip

The activated carbon granules in the Aqua One Carbon Cartridge remove dissolved toxins such as ammonia, discolouration such as albumens, and odours. Activated carbon works by attracting molecules of waste to its ultra porous surface where they become covalently bonded, the bond is a permanent one.  The trade off is that activated  carbon generally lasts four to eight weeks in an aquarium. 

The 1c carbon cartridge can be cleaned in tank water and not under the tap.

Gravel Cleaner and Tools just makes it easy work and great item's to have 

The 1c carbon cartridge also fit the Aquanano 25,& AquaNano 30  40 aquariums, AquaStyle 126, AquaStyle 380, AquaMode 600, AquaVis 130, Betta Duo, Betta Trio Aquariums & Xpression range.


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