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Aqua One Tropical Fish Flaked Food 100g

Aqua One Tropical Fish Flaked Food 100g

Aqua One Tropical fish food 100g

  • Protein rich formula for growth and repair
  • Multi-vitamin complex to improve immune system
  • Added Lecithin and Alfalfa for healthy, colourful fish
  • Suitable for most tropical fish 
  • Aqua One Tropical Flakes are suitable for most tropical fish including Tetras, Barbs, Gouramis, Livebearers and small Cichlids

Helpful Tip

The quality of fish food is extremely important to the fishes wellbeing. A lack of vitamins and minerals will inevitably result in deficiencies such as poor growth, poor fin development and dull colours and could even lead to serious diseases such as sceliosis or emaciation.

Particulary, the fish keeping beginner will soon despair if his fish are in poor condition or keep dying. In the wild, most tropical fishes diet consists of aquatic worms, crustaceans, small fish, green plant matter and insect larvae. In aquariums it is important to feed as natural a diet as possible. It is imperative that the right food is given to each species of fish, a food that provides not only a staple diet but goes that step further than ordinary foods by offering a wide variety of ingredients.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein Min 38%
Fat Min 5%
Fibre Max 5%
Moisture Max 8%
Ash Max 16%


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