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Aqua One 102c AquaNano 60 Bow Replacement Media Cartridge

Aqua One 102c AquaNano 60 Bow Replacement Media Cartridge

Aqua One AquaNano 60 Bow media Cartridge 102c

  • Fits the Aqua Nano 60 Bow aquarium.
  • 1 Filter per pack
  • Easy to Change and  install
  • Helps remove Ammonia
  • Genuine Aqua One replacement parts.
  • All our spare parts can be collected from our premises in Leicestershire so just give us a call to arrange the time 01530 263746

Helpful Tip

We recommend only using Aqua One genuine spare parts in their AquaNano range of Aquariums. 

These (102c) cartridges should be replaced every 16 weeks to ensure peak tank conditions and healthy fish.

Aquarium Location

When you choose a location for your new aquarium in your house it is important to remember the following points:

Keep it away from sources of noise. This could include TVs, radios, washing machines and fridges. Fish don't like loud noises and constant exposure to noise will stress them out and eventually influence their well being negatively.

Do not place the aquarium near items which could influence the temperature of the water temperature such as radiators and fires. Most fish need to be kept at a certain temperature and water that is too warm could make them ill.

Strong light can have a large influence on algae in the aquarium, so try to avoid placing it near strong natural light sources such as windows/skylights. A little natural sunlight is perfect; too much will cause you problems with your water quality in a short space of time which in turn will have a negative effect on your fish's well being.

We strongly recommend that the aquarium is placed on the recommended Aqua One aquarium cabinet. This is essential as a 54 litre aquarium will weigh around 80 kg when full.

Also, make sure that the floor is perfectly level surface that is strong enough to support the weight of the aquarium. If the floor is not level, it could cause the water in your aquarium to leak over the top on one side. It can also put an invisible but remarkable stress on the tank itself and might cause the glass to crack eventually


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