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Aqua One (401s) Aquis 750 Media Filter Sponge Foam

Aqua One (401s) Aquis 750 Media Filter Sponge Foam

Aqua One Replacement Coarse Sponge Filter Pad 401s.

Fits the Aquis 750 External Filter.

  • 2 per pack
  • Easy to install
  • Replace every 16 Weeks
  • 15 Micron Fine
  • Genuine Aqua One Spare Parts

All aquarium sponges should be cleaned in tank water as part of your normal weekly / monthly maintenance cycle.10% of your water should be changed at the same time and the gravel cleaned using a gravel vaccum. Remember to use a water conditioner when topping up your aquarium to prevent fish stress.

More properly called Aqua One Bio Foam the open cell, black or blue foam produced by Aqua One to fit your filter is especially designed to fulfil two key filtration functions. The first function is to trap solid waste without which your aquarium would never be clear and the second, even more important function, is acting as a home for nitrifying filtration bacteria which process the toxic Ammonia your fish produce as a dissolved waste product.

We recommend only using Aqua One genuine spare parts in the Aquis range of External Filters.


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