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Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Noodles 600g

Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Noodles 600g

Aqua One External Filter BioNood Ceramic Noodles 600g

  • 600g Tub of loose noodles with a Free media net bag
  • Filters large particles , Biolgical filteration
  • Ideal environment for bacteria
  • Supplied with Aqua One External Filters
  • Genuine Aqua One spare part

Helpful Tip

We recommend using only genuine Aqua One spares in their range of External Canister Filters.

We also sell the Ceramic Noodles in 250g Tubs

External Canister Filter – often located out of site below the aquarium, the external canister filter is probably the most effective form of filtration for the aquarist. Waste laden water usually siphons through a single inlet and a length of pipe before it enters the cannsister. The water rises through a series of mechanical, biological and chemical filter media before it enters an impellor chamber from where it is pumped up through a length of pipe before it is directed into the aquarium, usually through a spray bar. Many of the more advanced designs of canister filter that have been specifically designed for marine aquariums may also contain an in built ultra violet steriliser which will help to reduce the incidence of pathogens (disease causing organisms) within the inhabitants. Maintenance usually involves turning off the flow of water, opening the canister and removing the individual cages that contain the filter media. Consequently, any disturbance to the aquarium décor or the overall performance of the filter is minimised. Although they are comparatively more expensive than other forms of filtration, the external cannsister can circulate a larger volume of water and is capable of supporting a larger number of fish.


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