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"Aqua One (117s) NEW AquaNano 40 Sponge"

Aqua One AquaNano 40 New Media sponge 117s.

For the New AquaNano 40 aquarium that as the slide in Filter media cartridges to be used with 102c & 1c

  • 1 x 117s sponge per pack
  • Replace every 8 Weeks and is easy to replace
  • Remove waste particles
  • Genuine Aqua One spare product

This 117s sponge can be cleaned in aquarium water but does become clogged and will slow the water flow if this happens. This can cause your pump to empty the filter and burn the pump out so do ensure this does not happen by maintaining the filter well.

Helpful Tip

We recommend only using Aqua One genuine spare parts in their AquaNano range of Filters. These 117s sponges for the aquariums should be replaced every 8 weeks to ensure peak tank conditions and crystal clear water.

We do a Twin Pack of the New (117s) Sponge at a discount price TWIN PACK

Filter Maintenance

The population of waste consuming micro-organisms that inhabit the biological filter require a constant supply of oxygen and waste rich water. Depriving the filter of a flow of water for an extended period of time will deny these organisms of this supply of oxygen and waste, causing them to die and water quality to deteriorate. Consequently, the aquarist should always be prepared to minimise the period of time in which they maintain their filter and should always be prepared to monitor water quality for the period of time following any disturbance until water quality has stabilised. As a brad rule of thumb, depriving the filter of a supply of water for less than 20 minutes is not likely to have a long term impact on filter performance.


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