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Aqua One 18w Tropical Aquarium Light Tube (24") Part 53114

Aqua One 18w Tropical Aquarium Light Tube (24

Aqua One 18w Tropical Aquarium Bulb.

This bulb recreates the natural bright light similar to the sun. Tropical soft light provides the basic life cycle requirements of many animals and plants.

  • 24" Long
  • Soft Pink T8 (1")
  • High Output / Long Life Bulb / Low Energy
  • Genuine Aqua One Replacement Parts

Helpful Tip

Please replace all aquarium bulbs once a year to ensure maximum brightness in your aquarium.

These lights are idea for fish and In addition to providing a much wider spectrum this light source also offers a better spectrum for plant growth than standard lighting.

The iridescent colours of fish such as Neon tetras, Siamese fighting fish or even goldfish and Koi with a red pigment may be enhanced by installing a light that produces a red spectrum of light

We at Aqua One Spare Parts recommend only using Aqua One genuine spare parts in their Range of Aquariums.


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